Storyboard Presentation for: Blended Classrooms

Listed below is the storyboard for my video presentation about my chosen topic, “Blended Classrooms.”

Intro Video Fade In

Narrative                                                                   30 secs.
opening of clouds, then I speak about distance learning being used as the new innovation for educational element for learning.

Voiceover beginning then (throughout)                 1.5 mins.
Introduction keynote speaker with image of information regarding their history and accolades regarding their leadership for blended classrooms.

Definition of “Blended Classroom”                        30 secs.
Still shot of definition, then a slideshow with photos showing Marin Catholic High School students with tools for blended learning.

Elements of blended learning                                 30 secs
A listing of different tools used to create a successful blended classroom.

Gaming, Educational websites                               30 secs.
Website links to educational gaming sites now adopted by elementary schools (Study Island, Math playground).

Kids playing games                                                 15 sec
A video spot of students working at computers and tablets on these sites.

Progression of learning                                           30 secs.
Stats showing the growth of blended classrooms and bridging the gap of learners.

(cont. of progression of learning)                          15 secs.
Comments and quotes by students and faculty praising blended classrooms.

Ipad, Kindle, Laptop, and iPhone                            30 secs.
Still shots of these items showing accessibility with the gaming sites.

Introduction of keynote speaker                             1 min.
Photo of keynote speaker while reading their accomplishments and accolades.

Video Fade out Speaker begins to speak…..



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2 responses to “Storyboard Presentation for: Blended Classrooms

  1. Hello Orin,
    That is a good idea to mention the keynote speaker in the beginning and the end of your video presentation, maybe I should consider doing that myself. I also liked how you timed each segment. Great job!


    • Naquai, thanks for the feedback. I figured since the video is about the keynote speaker and their accomplishment within the area I am focusing on, I could do a dual intro to create more of an interest. Good luck with your presentation. I can’t wait to view it as well.

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