Module 3: Evolutionary Technologies (Moore’s Law) and Rhymes of History

Dr. Thornburg (2013) explains the “Rhymes of History” of technology is experiencing the impact of a previous technology’s improvement. When personal computers were common in the market, schools made an effort to stay current with this latest innovation by establishing computer rooms with PCs that students could share. Since 1985 when computers graced the infrastructure of schools, computer labs became a hot topic that seemed a mainstay due to the fact that computers would always be needed in education  (Ómarsson, I. J., 2014). Having many uses, the computer changed school libraries, typing classes, yearbook closets, and even how school furniture was being created in order to fit this new permanent resident. Now the days of the computer lab are long gone. Personal computers have become an integral part of our everyday lives and mobile access is allowing smartphones and the deletion of desktop computers to be reconfigured.

As we continue to move faster into the world of rapidly emerging technology, some creative concepts and ideas are now of the past. 21st century schools have been a product that our society have been preparing for and working toward for the past 30 years (Smith, 2015). Within that format many good ideas are now obsolete due to the common place of technology. The defunct technology once titled “computer labs” are now innovative “creative labs” with mobile configuration to fit the need of the class during any project or specification. These rooms now have usb ports, outlets for adapters and cord to mobile devices such as iPhones, tablets, laptops, cintiq tablets, and so on (Stack, 2012). Adaptable environments are what schools are designing so kids can experience a more professional creative environment that is learner centered.


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  1. Hi Orin, You raise an interesting topic. It is often the case that when asked to demonstrate a rhyme of history, I read other blogs and realize that some of these should have been obvious. Yours for example, I can remember all throughout school only having a “room” designated to honing computer skills and graphics development. Now, as you mentioned, school’s are being designed around the computer and enhancing their integration of the tool in education. Nice post!

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