Module 4: The Disruptive Power of Google Glass and Its Precursor, the MIT SixthSense Project

Disruptive Technology can be considered a driving force to innovation growth or it can be considered a technology killer. Regardless of how it is perceived, disruptive technology allows for emerging technology to be challenged in becoming more efficient, more competitive, cheaper, and universal (Christensen, C. M., Raynor, M. E., & McDonald, R., 2015). Google Glasses and Sixth Sense are two emerging technologies that will hold the same emergence as the personal computer did in the late 1970’s (Knight, 2014).

As we move closer to Artificial Intelligence being the model structure for where technology is heading, Sixth Sense is a gestural interface technology that brings the digital world to the real world. This emerging technology may not only bring us closer to A.I. but it will change our world drastically (Ted Talks, 2009). Whether that is negative or positively is not the question but how will it change our world and what technology it will replace. Not only will it replace the smart phone but factories, digital cameras, .

Sixth Sense will have a life span for awhile because it is still being developed and it will be some time before something else will come along to make it obsolete (Diaz, 2009). Google glass on the other hand I feel has already peaked even though it did not make it to the consumer market (Metz, 2014). It’s platform is still very viable for a more advanced disruptive technology. It will be interesting to see where these two technologies will be in the next 5-10 years.

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