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Identifying an Emerged Technology


As we continue to define emerging technologies, Drs. Thornburg, Soloway, and Rogers perceive an emerging technology not based on if you a technology is new to the market or just new to your community, but can it broaden the efficacy of a community by it’s use?

Before I decided on which direction I wanted to agree with, I researched the definition of the word “emerging” to help in my decision. Defined by Webster’s Dictionary (2016), the word emerging means, “newly created or noticed and growing in strength or popularity : becoming widely known or established.” By this definition, I have to agree with Dr. Rogers when he says a technology is emerging when it is new to your community of practice. Now this does not mean the technology is world-wide or renowned. As Dr. Thornburg (2014) stated, technologies are viewed differently based on the global or local use. This was shown in the example of Linux and its open-source operating systems. In that same regard, the technology I believe is emerging is not a particular device but more of a platform. That platform is blended classrooms. Blended classrooms first attention was chartered in the 1960’s with one example called PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations). Since then it evolved as technology evolved throughout our culture and now in education.

The basic definition for a blended classroom is a hybrid learning using mixed-methods of instruction so the learning can become more engaging. As schools continue to find ways to change their format from teacher oriented to learner centered, blended classrooms will also help in classroom management, educating different types of learners (learning below average, average, and above average students, personalized learning, and redefinition of the teacher (Joseph Rapposelli, 2014).

I truly believe as cost, engagement, standards, and advanced learning continue to create a challenge to our school systems, blended learning will help in alleviating a few of these concerns and gain traction in becoming the new standard to an educational classroom. John Dewey (1938) a huge proponent for experiential learning described what a blended classroom can produce in creating a successful classroom. The traction a blended classroom is and will produce will be evident in the change of desire for learning and how standard brick and mortar schools will be viewed (Tom Vander Ark, 2016). This emerging technology still has not come close to the potential is has as a platform to support other means of learning and teaching.


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May 28, 2016 · 12:13 am